How to Set Up and Use Collections Manager (TransWorld)

The Collections Manager runs a report of outstanding balances which can be sent to TransWorld for Collections Services. The Collections Manager is located in the Collections Manager node of the Managers ability.
This article covers:

  1. Setting Up Collections Manager
  2. Sending Accounts to TransWorld for Collections 
  3. In Collections Tab
  4. Handling Collection Payments on a Ledger 
  5. Filtering out Collections accounts in the Accounts Receivable Report

In order to use TransWorld, you will need to have MacPractice Build 7.3.44 or later. If you are on a build prior to this, please contact MacPractice Support to discuss updating.

Collections Manager interfaces directly with TransWorld, and as such is subject to TransWorld's policies and procedures. Before using Collections Manager, we highly advise that you review TransWorld's provided materials to ensure a full understanding of their policies and procedures.

Setting Up Collections Manager
To use the Collections Manager, a user must have the User Group Privilege to View Collections Manager enabled in the User Group Privileges.
A TransWorld representative typically handles the set-up portion, but these basic instructions are available to assist with the set up should you need them. For any questions and concerns, please contact TransWorld support.
The Transworld credentials must also be set in the Transworld Preferences. Set the Username and Password credentials as follows:

The Profit Recovery Client Number and the Accelerator Client Number are assigned by TransWorld and sent by TransWorld to your office in an e-mail. If you do not have either of these, please contact TransWorld for assistance.
Username: TSIMacPractice
Password: fadceRe6
Host if on Sierra:
Host if on High Sierra:


You will also need to add three Financial Statuses in References > Financial Status.

  • Accelerator (31-90 days)
  • Profit Recovery (91-180 days)
  • TSI Collections (180+ days)


After creating these Financial Statuses, you will want to use the Accounts Receivable Report in Reports > Accounting/Financial to determine which accounts have portions that fall into one of the three financial statuses. You can set an Account's Financial Status by navigating to the Patients Ability > Account Tab.

Important Note: Financial Statuses do NOT automatically update in MacPractice when payments have been posted on an account in any level of TransWorld service, or if an account moves from Accelerator to Profit Recovery or Profit Recovery to Collections. You will need to update the Financial Status manually. TransWorld will typically inform the office if they move an account from one level to another, or seek the office's guidance on how to handle a particular account. 

Sending Accounts to TransWorld for Collections
When you first open up the Collections Manager node of the Managers ability, you will be on the To Send tab by default. Here, you can review all accounts that have an outstanding balance. You are able to filter the Manager results in the To Send tab by Provider, Offices, or Financial Statuses. The Collections Manager can also be filtered by Procedure Start/End Date range in the Proc Start Date and Proc End Date fields.

If you have set up Financial Statuses and set accounts that are delinquent to an appropriate Financial Status, you can easily pull up the list of those accounts by filtering by that Financial Status. 

With the Collection Manager filters set, click the Apply button to run the report. 


Within the Report results, use the Search field to search by Patient Name or Guarantor Name. Each result displays the Patient Name, Code, Procedure Date, Guarantor Name, Debt, Address, and Phone. To select a result, click the checkbox in the Send column. To select all results, click the Check All checkbox. 

Within the Demand Type menu, you can choose from the appropriate level of TransWorld service. Accelerator covers accounts that are 31-90 days past due, Profit Recovery covers 90-180 days past due, and TSI Collections covers 180+ days past due.

In the Service Code Menu, select from Diplomatic, Intensive, or Bad Check to choose which message type will be sent with the collection notice. Next, click the Send To Collections button to transmit the results to TransWorld.

What happens if my transmission fails?
If your transmission to TransWorld fails, you'll want to double-check the basics first.

  1. Go back to Setting Up Collections Manager and ensure everything in Preferences is entered correctly.
  2. If Preferences are correct, double check your Internet connection. Are you able to navigate to any other websites in a web browser? If not, you may be experiencing some connectivity issues that would cause problems connecting to TransWorld.
  3. If your Internet connection is stable, then this may be a problem with TransWorld. We highly encourage you contact them to ensure everything is correct on their end. Their phone number is (877) 377-5378.

In Collections Tab
When a Collection result has been transmitted to TransWorld, it will appear in the In Collections sub-tab of the Collections Manager. The In-Collections results can be filtered by Provider, Offices, or Financial Statuses.


Within the Report results, use the Search field to search by Guarantor Name. Each result displays the Guarantor Name, Service Status, Date Sent, Transmittal Number (number of the transmitted batch), and Total Remaining (combined total of all attributed to the Guarantor). To select a result, click the checkbox in the Send column. To select all results, click the Check All checkbox. To change the status of the selected results, click the corresponding buttons, Reinstate Service, Suspend Service, or Cancel Service.

Reinstate Service: This option will reinstate a Suspended Service on an Account.
Suspend Service: This option will temporarily suspend TSI's collection efforts for the account. This will retain the Transmittal Number. Oftentimes used if a patient comes into contact with the practice.
Cancel Service: This option will cancel TSI's collection efforts for the account. If you need to add them again, they will be assigned a separate Transmittal number.

Handling Collection Payments on a Ledger 
Handling Collection payments when working with TransWorld is different from the normal Collections efforts described in Ledger - Collections.
The important thing to remember is that you cannot pre-emptively zero out Accounts sent to Collections. As Collections Manager interfaces directly with TransWorld, any payments or adjustments made to an account that has been sent to Collections will also notify TransWorld of the change to the account's balance, and zeroing out an account indicates to TransWorld that payment has been received on these accounts. For more information on this topic, please contact TransWorld Support.
Therefore, it is important when referring to the Accounts Receivable report to filter out the appropriate Financial Statuses to exclude those accounts sent to any level of Collections Manager.

Accelerator/Profit Recovery Account Payment
If an Account has been sent to either the Accelerator or Profit Recovery level of TransWorld service, any payment received should be sent from the Account holder themselves. You can post these like any other payment.

Collections Account Payment
If an Account has been sent to the Collections level of TransWorld service, this payment should be received by TransWorld initially and then TransWorld will issue a payment to your office. This payment will have a deducted amount for TransWorld's collection fee.
Note: If you receive a payment from an Account placed in Collections from the patient instead of TransWorld, please contact TransWorld first before posting the payment.
You will first need to post this payment as a custom patient payment type. This Patient Payment Type is usually set up by a TransWorld representative, and is typically named "Patient Payment Collections - TransWorld" but may not exactly be that name.
You can review all of your custom Patient Payment Types by checking References Ability > Payment Type.


When posting, you will apply the payment to any open charges as normal. This will leave you with a remaining portion equaling the value of TransWorld's Collection fee. 
In the Payment window, before clicking Save, you will need to locate the remaining unpaid amount and use the Negative Adjustment column to adjust the remaining balance. This will effectively "write off" the balance of the account and zero out the Account in a manner that will work with TransWorld's process.
You will also want to utilize an Adjustment Type that indicates this adjustment is for a TransWorld Collection Fee. We recommend simply naming this Adjustment Type TransWorld Collection Fee.
It is important that you apply this negative adjustment in the same payment window as the Collections payment to ensure successful processing of this payment on TransWorld's side.


Filtering Out Collections Accounts in the A/R Report
To filter out any Accounts in Collections in the Accounts Receivable report, first navigate to the Reports Ability   > Accounting/Financial > Accounts Receivable.


To filter out accounts in the Collections level of service, you can simply Command-left click in Filter Financial Statuses to include or exclude the Financial Statuses you desire.
So in this situation, we would ensure all Financial Statuses would be highlighted EXCEPT TSI Collections, as shown in the animated image below. You can enable or disable other filters as you desire.
Once you are satisfied, you can click "Apply" to run the report. It will not include Accounts in Collections.



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