Encounter Tracker

The Encounter Tracker is designed to show all encounter forms that have been created for the patients in the office. The Encounter Tracker can show if an encounter form is New, Printed or Received. If there is no active Encounter Form, view the documentation on Care Slips and Encounter Forms.

Using the Encounter Tracker
Outside of printing encounter forms from the Schedule or Patients ability, the Encounter Tracker can be used to print the forms. The Encounter Tracker is located in the side bar of the Managers ability. Within the Encounter Tracker select a date or date range on the calendar. All appointments that have been created for those days will appear in the table at the right.
In the Appointment Table, select individual patients or all patients and double click or drag the patients from the Appointment Table to the Encounter Table below. Select Display All or Display New from the first pop-up menu to show the list of patients that need to have an Encounter Form created.
NOTE: Appointments will not be visible in the Encounter List until you select Display All or Display New.
To print Encounter Forms for all patients with a status of New, select Print New from the Print pop-up menu. To print only a select few patient forms, highlight the patients you want to print an encounter form for and select Print Selected from the Print menu. Once an Encounter Form is printed for a patient, the status will change from New to Printed. The information in the Status column can be classified with the Legend at the bottom right of the window. New is indicated by an empty checkbox, Printed by a dash in the checkbox, and Received by a check in the checkbox.
Receiving an Encounter Form
Once an Encounter form has been printed, the patient can see the provider, and the received Encounter form can be posted to the patient's ledger. The Encounter Tracker can be used to confirm that these tasks have been completed for that particular day.

To mark an Encounter Form as received, go to the Managers ability, select Encounter Tracker from the sidebar, and select a day on the small calendar. Choose Display Printed from the Display pop-up menu. In the Status column, click the dash in the checkbox to change the status from Printed to Received.

The Encounter Form can also be marked as Received directly from the Claim Creation Window by entering the Encounter Form number in the bottom right Encounter Form Number box. The Encounter Form Number is listed in the Serial # column within the Encounter Tracker entry line.
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