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Note: As of Nov 2017, MacPractice no longer supports DemandForce. This information remains for legacy support purposes. For any support needs, please contact DemandForce.

DemandForce is an automated marketing and communications solution that can help your office attract new patients, retain and engage your existing patients, and track results. Using the MacPractice & DemandForce integration, you can upload your MacPractice data directly to DemandForce.

This is a purchased option in MacPractice. If you are interested in signing up for this service, please contact Darci Wingard, DemandForce Business Development Manager (415-904-8123 or

DemandForce Integration Configuration
To set up DemandForce integration, go to your MacPractice menu and select Preferences. In the preference sidebar, select DemandForce. If you do not see this listed, and you have purchased DemandForce integration, log out of MacPractice and back in. This will refresh your license information.
In the DemandForce preference pane, enter your DemandForce Username, Password, and License Key. MacPractice Support will not have this information.

Enter an "Export time." This is the time of day your data will be uploaded to DemandForce's server. The upload will only take a few minutes, but you must be logged in to MacPractice on the server computer at that time.

There are a few additional options you can use to customize what data is uploaded to DemandForce from MacPractice:

"Upload all patients regardless of patient status" - When checked, all patients will be exported, even if they have been archived or deleted in the MacPractice database.

Below this checkbox is a table that will list your MacPractice office references. Check the Export checkbox to enable a data export for patients associated to that office (that is, the office is selected in the Pop-Ups tab of the Patient record).

Check the "Use for Firmographics" checkbox to use the selected office's name and address for the firmographic data in DemandForce.
At the designated time, if you are logged into MacPractice on the computer you are using to upload data, MacPractice will send your patients' data to the DemandForce servers. You will see a progress indicator in the DemandForce preferences. When the upload is complete, the transmission results will be displayed in a window.
What is uploaded?
MacPractice will upload all patient data (including archived and deleted patients, depending on your preferences). Appointment data for the next 120 days, and ledger transaction data for the last 7 days is also uploaded, where applicable.
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