Preferences - ERA

The ERA preference allows you to set ERA options.


  • Use Remittance Date for Payment Proc. Date: When enabled, MacPractice will set the payment procedure date to the remittance date listed in the header of each ERA.
  • Open All ERA Payments in Manager: Enabled by Default; when you double-click an ERA payment in the patient's ledger, it will open in the ERA Manager. Uncheck this to open posted ERAs as an insurance payment in the ledger.
  • Disable Automatic Appeal in ERA Payments: When turned on, MacPractice will no longer attempt to automatically appeal payments that come in via the ERA Manager if the general appeal payment preference is enabled in Preferences > Ledger > Payment > Insurance Payment > Enable Insurance Appeal.
  • Print new page per patient: Enabled by default; will print each patient's information on a separate page when printing an ERA. Otherwise, the entire ERA will print as one document, on as few pages as possible.
  • Prevent patient link on ERA report: When MacPractice is not able to link back to a specific claim (for example, when the claim was sent on paper, or when the original eClaim has been deleted from MacPractice) this preference will disable the attempt to link the Patient Name to that patient's account. Enable this if you often find that these links take you back to the wrong patient, to prevent confusion.
  • Enable printing with no background: When enabled, MacPractice will allow you to print ERAs without a background color.
  • Do Not Auto Calculate Write-Offs for ERAs with a Zero Allowed Amount: This prevents MacPractice from auto calculating write-offs on ERAs that have a zero allowed amount.
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