Preferences - Financial

The Financial preferences set the constants used for calculating finance charges and store account numbers. 

Charge Tab


  • Statement: These preference fields pull directly into the Statements Manager for the purposes of generating finance charges.
      • Monthly Finance Charge Rate: Allows you to enter the percentage rate of your monthly finance charges
      • Minimum Finance Charge: Allows you to enter the minimum finance charge amount that can be charged on a statement
      • Minimum Account Balance: Allows you to enter the minimum amount an that an account balance must have to be charged a finance charge
      • Overdue: Allows you to set the amount of days from a charge's posted date where a finance charge will be taken into affect
  • Custom Finance Charge Name: Allows you to give finance charges a customized name if you'd like to use something other than Finance Charge to be shown on statements and patient ledgers. If this field is left empty it will default the name to Finance Charge.

Banking Tab


The Deposit Account # and Allocation Account # selectors will pull from the References Ability >  Bank Accounts category.

  • Deposit Account #: Allows you to associate an account number to the Deposit Account shown when viewing the Deposit Slip in Reports.
  • Allocation Account #: Allows you to associate an account number to export the deposit slip in your Daily Reports into one particular accounting program, MYOB; also allows for the exporting to a text file that allows MYOB to recognize the file format and read this information.
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