Preferences - General

The General preference allows you to set some general behaviors across MacPractice.

General Tab
  • Automatically Save Records: Will prevent the "Do you want to save changes to this record?" alert from appearing. Your changes will be saved automatically whenever you switch to another record. Be aware that this may cause data loss due if an inadvertent change was made to the data; there will not be an alert that information was changed, or an opportunity to prevent the new data from being saved.
  • Automatically Report Program Errors: Automatically sends database and program errors to MacPractice. This will assist in correcting and troubleshooting issues. An internet connection is required.
  • Show Patient and Account Alerts: When this is checked, Patient and Account alerts will appear in a pop-up bubble when the patient's records are accessed. When this is unchecked, you must click on the alert triangle icon to view the alert bubble.
  • Preference Options: Preference options allow you to save, load or remove preferences from the database.
  • Save preferences to database: Will save your current preferences to the database. The local settings are automatically saved on your system. Select this option if you want preferences to be consistent across all computers that use MacPractice. When you log in to a terminal, you will be prompted to load preferences from the database, or skip.
    • Load Preferences from database: Allows you to load preferences that are saved to the database.
    • Remove Preferences from database: Allows you to clear the saved preferences from the database, in the case that users are being prompted to load preferences and the preferences are out-of-date.
  • View NIST Internet Time Servers: This link takes you to the NIST Internet Time Server web page.
Suppressible Alerts
Allows for the suppression of a select few MacPractice Alerts that you may see when working in MacPractice. This can either be set on a per-alert basis by checking the "Don't ask me again" in the alert window. To set this for all alerts you have encountered in the software, check the box next to "Don't ask me again" for all alerts above " (at the bottom of the preference window). If you select "Don't ask me again", when you encounter that alert in the future MacPractice will always perform the action associated with the default (highlighted) button. In the image below, MacPractice would default to "Cancel" for both of the alerts shown.
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