Preferences - Inventory

The Inventory Preferences can be configured so that inventory items have a default procedure type or category, large images are automatically compressed, and Amazon API Inventory data is recognized.


The following Inventory Preferences are found within the Inventory pane of Preferences:

  • Default retail item procedure type: Sets the default item procedure type when an item is added to a Fee Schedule
  • Default retail item procedure category: Sets the default item procedure category when an item is added to a Fee Schedule
  • When item data differs from Inventory data: Sets the behavior of Amazon and Inventory item conflict to Ask me each time attributes differ, Overwrite with new attributes automatically, or Never overwrite new attributes
  • Scale down images larger than __ (Width)x __ (Height) pixels: Automatically scales images larger than the values set for width and height to the set values. The default is 1024 x 1024 pixels.
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