Preferences - Localization

The Localization preference allows you to specify the time format and units of weight to use in MacPractice.



  • Date Format: Allows you to choose between MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY, or DD-MM-YYYYY
  • Use Referrals Expiration Date: Adds an Expiration Date field to the referral tab of the Patient screen.
  • Currency Code: Allows you to enter in the currency code your office uses.
  • Use Canadian Claim Fields: If checked, this will add the Canadian fields to the Patient tab, Incident tab and so on, allowing for Canadian claims to be created with the necessary information. The terminology for CDA forms will automatically update.
  • Do Not Capitalize Medicare Claims: Allows you to specify that insurance claims created for companies with a Plan Type set to Medicare Part B should not automatically capitalize all characters.
  • Do Not Strip Punctuation From Medicare Claims: When checked, MacPractice will retain all punctuation on Medicare claim forms.
  • Do Not Split Claims for Different Labs: Allows you to specify that procedures with different laboratories listed should not cause two claims to be printed.
  • Phone Format: Allows you to choose between U.S./Canada (which will auto-format the Phone field to the following format: XXX-XXX-XXXX) or International (will not auto-format the Phone field).
  • State Format: Allows you to choose between U.S./Canada (restricts the State field to two letters) or International (does not restrict the state field).
  • SSN/Medicare Format: Allows you to view either a Social Security Number field or a Medicare field in the patient tab.
  • Zip Code Format: Allows you to choose between U.S./Canada or International. If US/Canada is selected, numeric zip codes will be auto-formatted to XXXXX-XXXX. Canadian alphanumeric zip code will be formatted to X1X 1X1. If International is selected, the zip code will not be automatically formatted.
  • Weight: Allows you to choose between Pounds (lbs) or Kilograms (kgs).
  • Height: Allows you to choose between Feet / Inches (ft/in) or Centimeters (cm).
  • Temperature: Allows you to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Head Circum.: Allows you to choose between Centimeters and Inches.
  • Tooth Numbering Scheme: By default, you will have two tooth number schemes available: Default (US tooth numbering) or International tooth numbering. You can create a new Tooth Numbering Scheme in your References ability - for more information please visit: Setting Up A Tooth Number Scheme
  • Charting Locale: The Charting Locale option adjusts behavior of the Dental Tab, including the charting code mapping and surface restoration depending on the region selected. WE ADVISE THAT YOU DO NOT CHANGE THESE SETTINGS AFTER THE INITIAL CONFIGURATION OF YOUR SERVER UNLESS STRICTLY NECESSARY. Changing these fields can cause inconsistencies in your data. Please consult with MacPractice Support prior to making changes.
    • USA: When USA is selected, you can chart 4 and more surfaces with a single fee code.
    • Canada: When Canada is selected, the Charting Code Map will allow a folder to be added for 5 surface procedures, as they use a specific code for 4 surfaces, and a specific code for 5 surfaces.
    • AU: When AU is selected, you can use a cusp as a surface.
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