Preferences - Managers

The Managers preference allows you to customize various aspects of the Managers ability.
  • Encounter Tracker
    • Select Print OrderAllows you to select the order in which encounter forms will print in the Encounter Tracker.
      • Print By Serial Number: Will print the requested encounter forms in order of serial number from lowest to highest.
      • Print By Time: Will print the requested encounter forms in order of the start time of the appointment.
      • Print By Resource then Time: Will print the requested encounter forms by appointment start time, grouped by resource.
      • Use Regular Serial Number in Table: Will number the encounters cumulatively from the first created encounter.
      • Use Daily Serial Number in Table: Will number the encounters day by day, restarting at 1 each day.
  • When re-printing returned encounter forms: Allows you to set the status of re-printed encounter forms to be printed or returned.
  • Claim Manager: These checkboxes will show a warning and will cause claims to be highlighted in the Claim Manager that contain a charge that was previously submitted to the insurance company you are currently trying to create a claim for. If you want to tighten the restrictions (before you are warned) you may way to include subscriber number so that you are only warned when you are submitting to the same Insurance Name & same Subscriber Number. For fewest warnings, select all three.
  • Include Zero Dollar Amounts on Claims OR eClaims: This checkbox allows you to utilize zero dollar amounts on claims.
This feature was added because some users simply go in and modify an existing insurance record rather than creating a new insurance record. In a case like this, the claim to insurance ties remain the same even though the user may have intended to create a new insurance.
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