Preferences - Treatment Plan

The Treatment Plan preference allows you to customize printing Treatment Plans.
  • Print Appointment Information on Treatment Plan:
    • When checked, treatments printed on the Treatment Plan Form are grouped by appointment and sorted by appointment start time. The appointment information such as appointment date & time and resource name are printed above each group.
  • When a procedure fee is updated after being Treatment Planned for a patient. When moving this Treatment to Transaction, which of the following would you like to do?
    • Always use Fee Amount in Treatment Plan
    • Ask me whether to use the Higher Amount (May show New Charge Window)
    • Always use the Higher Amount (Will show New Charge window)
  • Print Restorative Charting Graphic with Treatment Plan: This allows you to print the Restorative Graphic along with the Treatment Plan.
  • Print Treatment Phase Subtotals on Treatment Plan: Allows for the subtotals to appear when multiple phases are created to show the difference between pricing.

Treatment Plan Color
Treatment Plan ledger can be displayed with a different background color, to make it easier to differentiate between the Transaction Ledger and the Treatment Plan ledger.

To set this color, go to the MacPractice menu and select Preferences. In the Preference window, select Ledger in the sidebar, then select the Treatment tab. Check the box labeled "Draw Treatment Background With Color". You can click the color block to the right of this text to select which color will be used.


Your changes will be saved automatically when you close the preference window, but you may need to log out and back in to MacPractice for changes to take effect


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