References - Overview

The References ability hosts references used in other abilities within MacPractice.

Generally, Reference records can be added to the References Ability with the sidebar plus button, then selected within corresponding menus or used as filters within Reports. For example, records added to the Payment Type Reference node can be selected as payment types in a patient's Ledger, then tracked through the Daily Posted/Procedure Date Day sheet or Gross Receipts Reports.

References are often used within specific tasks and may be added directly through the related Ability rather than the References ability. Likewise, the documentation for using a specific Reference may be within the guide to that Ability.


  • Adjustment Types
  • Bank Accounts
  • CDA Lab Codes
  • Discharge Status
  • Facility
  • Fee Schedule
  • Financial Status
  • Incident Name
  • Incident Type
  • Insurance Companies
  • Ledger Colors
  • Offices
  • Payment Type
  • Place Of Service
  • Procedure Category
  • Procedure Types
  • Supercode
  • Tax Rate
  • Tax Type


  • Charting Material Colors
  • Common Clinical Notes
  • Tooth Number


  • Allergies (Custom)
  • Allergies (FDB)
  • Chief Complaint
  • Clinical Decision Rule
  • Diagnosis (Custom)
  • Diagnosis (FDB)
  • Lab Panels (Common)
  • Laboratories
  • Medication Route
  • Medications (Custom)
  • Medications (FDB)
  • Pharmacy
  • User Alert Response Type


  • AutoRemind Notification Templates
  • Communication Methods
  • Communication Types


  • Care Slip
  • Forms
  • Postcard Comment
  • Statement Message


  • Account Alerts
  • Attorneys
  • City/Town Province Postal Codes
  • Custom
  • Emergency Contact Type
  • Employers
  • Ethnicities
  • Languages
  • Order Type
  • Patient Alerts
  • Races
  • Recalls


  • Referrer Reasons
  • Referrer Specialty
  • Referrer Types
  • Referrers


  • Export Presets
  • Menu Commands





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