Additional Office Visits Reference

The Additional Office Visit Code reference allows you to specify procedure codes that count as a "visit" or "encounter" for the Measure Calculation reports, besides the default Evaluation and Management codes. If you use procedure codes not already counted in the Measure Calculation reports, you must add the CPT or ADA procedure codes into this reference folder so the report counts each office visit you have with a patient.

This identifies the code as an Office Visit code within the database to ensure accuracy in the Measure Calculation reports for Meaningful Use and MIPS/MACRA attestations.

For offices running builds of MacPractice older than 11.17, you can add an Additional Office Visit Code by going to References > Additional Office Visit in the sidebar.

To all other offices on the newest build (11.17 and newer), go to the Reports ability > Additional Office Visit node in the sidebar.

Click the green plus button to create a new record, and enter the procedure code you'd like to add. After entering the information, save the new record by going up to the Edit menu and choosing Save Record, or using the Command-S keyboard shortcut.


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