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Facility References are used to provide a solution for an Office that may perform services at a remote location, such as another office or a hospital, but those services fall under the Office's Tax ID. This allows the Office to keep separate records and show services rendered at the facility location.
A Facility, if selected on a charge in the ledger, will display in box 32 on a CMS 1500 claim form or box 56 on an ADA claim form.
To add a Facility, select the References ability in your MacPractice toolbar and select the Facility node. In the upper left corner of your MacPractice window, click the green plus sign to create a new record. Add the facility's name in the Facility Name field. Additional information such as the address and Tax ID numbers for the facility can also be entered here.

A default Facility can be added to the Office Reference in the Office node of the References Ability under Default Facility. You can use this facility on claims as outlined in the Office Reference section of the Claims documentation.

A facility may also be necessary for your office if you perform service at a remote office or hospital under the same Tax ID, but need separate records or to show services rendered at these locations printed in box 32 on the CMS 1500 form. For more information on when to use a Facility in your Office Reference, please see the Office Reference documentation.
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