References - Follow-Ups/Recalls

In this node, you can set up and delete types for Follow-Ups/Recalls.

To add a new Follow Up or Recall Type, simply click on the node (Follow-Ups/Recalls), and then click the Green Plus in the sidebar to add a new record. You can configure the type name (3 Months, 6 Months, etc) and you can configure the Frequency in Days, which determines how a Follow-Up or Recall will calculate the Follow-Up/Recall Date for procedures tied to this type.
For example, if a procedure in your fee schedule has a Follow-up/Recall Type tie that has a Frequency in Days set to 90, the Follow-Up/Recall added to the Patient's account will have a Follow-Up/Recall Date of 90 days after the posted date.

For more information on how to link a procedure to a Follow-Up/Recall Type, please refer to Fee Schedule - Recall and Follow Up Type.

For a video series on how to set up Follow-Ups/Recalls, please refer to Recalls/Follow Ups Set Up 1. If you prefer a written guide, you can refer to How to Set Up and Use Follow Ups/Recalls.references_recalls.png

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