References - Medications (Custom)

The Medications (Custom) Reference is used to manually add a medication or edit an existing medication added through the Medications Manager.
In order to utilize Custom Medications, you'll need to adjust your Coding Preferences (Located in the MacPractice Menu > Preferences > Coding > Medications) to "Custom". You can also choose to use RxNorm coding as well from this same Preference.
More information on Medication References can be found Here.
To add a new Custom Medication, click the plus button to create a new record and enter a name for the medication.
Additional information can be added in the Detail and Info tabs.
Detail Tab
The Detail tab sets a general description of the selected medication. This documentation breaks the Detail Tab into three parts:
  • Medication: The commercial name of the medication.
  • PRN: Latin for "pro re nata"; indicates a medication should be taken as needed or as necessary.
  • May Substitute: Indicates a pharmacist may substitute a generic medication for a brand name one
  • Package Description: The package the medication comes in (box, bottle, etc.). This will pull from an NDC code once it is tied to your medication. 
  • Generic: The chemical name of the medicine; this name is the same despite the manufacturer.
  • Classification: The method of delineating and categorizing the medication.
  • Group: Defines a group medications, such as Steroids.
  • Take: The amount of medication per dose.
  • Drug Form: the form of the medication, such as tablet, pill, capsule, etc.
  • Route: The manner in which the medication is taken, such as orally, via inhaler, etc.
  • Frequency: How often the medication is taken.
  • Duration: How long the medication should be taken.
  • Dispense: Total amount of the medication to be prescribed.
  • Refills: Number of refills the pharmacist should allow.
  • Additional Sig: Special instructions for the patient or additional information regarding the prescription; will appear on the prescription label.
  • Special Instructions/Note to Pharmacist: Further information for the pharmacist regarding the prescription or patient; will not appear on the prescription label, but will appear on the printed prescription.
  • RxNorm Code: Used to search and tie the RxNorm code to the current medication.
  • Dose Calculation: Indicates the method of dose calculation; internal to MacPractice.
  • Unit Qualifier: Indicates the units for the overall prescription; internal to MacPractice.
  • National Drug Code: Used to search and tie the NDC number to the current medication.
  • DEA Schedule: Indicates the DEA Schedule: I, II, III, IV, V.
  • Form: Toggles the default paper form used for the medication.
Info Tab 
The Info tab contains text boxes for more information on a selected medication, such as drug interactions, side effects, significance of the selected medication, and so on. These fields are informational only and are not used by the patient's pharmacy. 

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