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The Menu Commands Reference is used to edit or create keyboard shortcut equivalents for items found in the Menu Bar. To create a new Menu Commands record, highlight the Menu Commands node in the References ability and click the sidebar plus button. Rename the new record and click the disclosure triangle next to any menu title to display the items within the menu.
To edit or create a keyboard shortcut for any of the menu items, select the item and choose the equivalent keystroke which should be used to access the Menu items. The combination of keys that are used to create the shortcut should include a character key and one or more modifier keys. The following symbols denote modifier keys within the Menu Commands columns:
  • Command key icon : Command key (Older Apple keyboards may use the apple logo logo to label the key.)
  • Control key icon : Control key
  • Option or Alt key icon : Option key
  • Shift icon : Shift key

Just as within the Menu Bar, the following menu titles are listed as options:
  • MacPractice: displays items that apply to MacPractice as an application.
  • File: displays items that apply to specific files.
  • Edit: displays items that edit and manipulate information.
  • View: displays items that maneuver to MacPractice abilities, or views.
  • Text: displays items to format text.
  • Window: displays items that manage MacPractice windows.
  • Help: displays items related to using MacPractice.
While Menu Bar titles displayed depend on the selected MacPractice ability, all menu titles will display in the Menu Commands Reference. These additional titles include:
  • Form: displays items that apply to MacPractice Forms.
  • Scripting: displays items that apply to MacPractice Scripting. (Only available in the Menu Bar directly after a reboot.)
  • EDR/EMR: displays items that apply to the EDR or EMR abilities in MacPractice.
  • Notes: displays items that apply to MacPractice Notes.
A keyboard shortcut may only be used for one menu item. If the keyboard shortcut selected is a duplicate of an existing keyboard shortcut, the Duplicates menu will display upon saving the keystroke. Select an alternative keystroke for one of the items to save the Menu Commands Reference.
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