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The alert system in MacPractice is a useful tool that can help your office staff communicate important information about a patient or family account. You can create new alerts in the Reference ability, or as you add alerts to patient/account records. More information on Alerts can be found here. Even though the Account and Patient Alerts act the same in alerting your office staff they are designed slightly different from each other.

  • Account Alert: This type of alert applies to every individual in the account (the whole family), the alert is seen in every account when the patient is selected.
  • Patient Alert: This type of alert applies to a single individual in an account. The alert only appears in this when that patient is selected.
Creating A Patient Alert
To create a Patient Alert to go the References ability and select the Patient Alert node. Click the plus button to create a new alert record and enter a name under the Alert Description. After confirming the information is entered correctly, save your alert by going to the Edit menu and choosing Save Record or use the Command-S keyboard shortcut. Both Patient and Account Alerts are limited to 50 characters. 
To apply an alert to an Account or Patient please visit our documentation "Setting Up Alerts For Patients or Accounts" (click here).
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