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The Referrers Reference category contains all of the Referrers that you can add to a Patient's chart in the Patients Ability.
To create a new Referrer record, select the References ability in your MacPractice toolbar, then select the Referrer node. In the upper left corner of your MacPractice window, click the green plus sign to create a new record.
Once the new record is created, you can add any relevant demographic information under the Referrer Info tab. After entering the information, save the new record by going up to the Edit menu and choosing Save Record, or using the Command-S keyboard shortcut. After creating a Referrers record you will be able to add a referral to a patient.
This node is split into three tabs: Personal Info, Provider IDs, and Notes. Above the three tabs, you can set the name, Referrer Type, Default Specialty, and NPI. In the upper right, there are two checkboxes for Is Person, and Use On Claim, which will control how the referrer information will be used for the purposes of claims.
  • Personal Info Tab: Contains the demographic information for the Referrer, including their Office or Company, the address of that location, contact information, and their Direct E-mail Address.
  • Provider IDs Tab:
  • Notes: This Tab contains a Notes field. This information isn't pulled into anywhere else, it is purely for the office's purposes.
Choose a Patient as a Referrer
To add a patient as a Referrer select the Choose Patient as Referral button from the Referrers Info tab.
A drop down window will appear allowing you to choose a patient as a referrer from your patient list. You can use the search field to search for a patient. When you have found the patient you wish to add as a Referrer, click OK. The patient's information will be pulled into the Referrer Info tab.
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