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Submitting a ticket to MacPractice is easy. Clicking on the speech bubble icon at the bottom right of the MacPractice window is what is referred to as Popping the Bubble. Popping the bubble is a way for an office to notify MacPractice Support that there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Any office information entered (Name, Email, Phone, Extension) will be inserted into the support ticket once the Submit button is clicked.

Short description of problem: Give a brief description of the problem (“I can’t log into MacPractice")

Classification: This drop down allows specification as to the type of ticket being submitted

  • Question - This is selected any time an office would like more information on how to do something. (“How do I log in?”)
  • Problem - An office would choose this if they cannot use MacPractice as intended. (“I can’t log in.”)
  • Suggestion - A suggestion is generally an idea for improvement within MacPractice. (“I think it another option for logging in would be ___.”)

Steps to reproduce the problem: This is where an office will be able to go into more detail for their situation. (“I’ve been inputting the the username and password, but I keep getting a window that asks for a password”)

Your Name: The name of the person MacPractice should contact.

Email Address: The Email address of the person MacPractice should contact.

Phone Number/Extension: The Phone Number and Extension of the person MacPractice should contact.

Preferred method of response to this report: Select the desired response type

  • Response unnecessary
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live Chat

Clicking Submit will enter a new ticket for MacPractice Support to call the office back as soon as they’re able to.

Help > Show Ticket Window shows the history of tickets associated to the office.

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