Ledger Tab Layout

The Ledger tab is divided into three main areas:


  • Incident List: The Incident List displays all unarchived incidents for the patient, as well as the Patient Chart (if you have purchased the Restorative Charting ability) and the Account Ledger (which contains transactions for all patients on the account). Above the incident list is the Incidents menu, which can be used to create, archive, retrieve or delete incidents.
  • Transactions Table: The Transactions table (or Treatment Plan table, if you have a treatment plan selected) is a list of all transactions associated to the selected incident, including charges, payments, claims, adjustments, and so on. Above this table are the ChargesPaymentsOtherPrint and View Options menus. Each menu contains several difference functions. You can configure MacPractice to display different types of transactions by using the Ledger Colors reference.
  • Balance information: Below the transactions table is the balance overview. Directly under the table, the account balance is listed. The Ins. Portion and Pat. Portion fields list which part of the balance is insurance or patient responsibility, respectively. Below these fields, you will see any unpaid payments listed in red, and the patient's remaining insurance coverage, if you have configured an insurance plan for the patient. The balance table breaks down the account balance by portion and aging bucket.

More information on the Ledger Tab can be found Here.

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