Ledger - Charges Menu

The Charges menu is primarily used to add new procedures to a patient's ledger, but it can also be used to open selected transactions, or revert procedures to the treatment plan.



New Charges
There are two ways to post charges to a patient's ledger. A user can either bring procedures forward from a treatment plan, or post a new charge by going to the Charges menu and selecting New Charge (using the Command-N keyboard shortcut will accomplish this as well).

When the New Charge window opens, a user should first confirm the correct fee schedule is listed in the upper left corner of the new charge window. This can be changed manually.

Then, enter a procedure code in the Code field, or click the magnifying glass to bring up a list of codes in the selected fee schedule.

It is possible to post multiple codes within the same code window by clicking the plus button above the Procedure Table at the bottom of the window. New charges added in this way will pull forward any information already listed in the charge window (provider, facility, diagnosis codes and so on).

Click Save when you have finished adding all codes.


Please continue to the Charge Window article for more detailed information on utilizing the Charge Window.

Open Selected Transactions
This works the same way that double clicking on a selected line item does. It will open a detail window pertaining to the item. The keyboard shortcut to access this option is Command-O.

Reverse to Treatment
Once selected, this will send the highlighted item to a Treatment Plan so that it may be addressed in the patient's future. Once moved to a Treatment Plan, the Plan must be Rebuilt. If a fee has been moved to Treatments on accident, move it back into the Ledger. 

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