Database Utilities - How to Update the Patient's Fee Schedule

There may come a time when you need to change your fee schedule in all patient accounts to another fee schedule. Instead of doing this one patient at a time, MacPractice provides you with a database utility that will change this information en masse by using the utility Update Patient Fee Schedule.
NOTE: This documentation is written with the understanding that you have already created your new fee schedule.

Running Update Patient Fee Schedule
To do a mass update on all patient Fee Schedules, in the Managers ability select Database Utilities from the sidebar, then select Update Patient Fee Schedule.

The top menu is the Fee Schedule the patients are currently assigned to while the bottom menu is the Fee Schedule to which patients will be moved.


Set the Fee Schedule menus to change and click the Go button in the bottom right corner. Log out of all terminal computers and click the OK button. Create a backup from the resulting window.

Click Continue and the utility will change the patient Fee Schedules to the newly selected Fee Schedule. A confirmation box will appear, displaying how many patients have been affected by this change.


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