Ledger - View Options Menu and the Clinical Ledger

The View Options menu allows a user to choose which items are listed in the Transactions window of the Ledger.
These are local settings (computer specific) so each user can personalize the Ledger.


Financial Ledger refers to all monetary transactions.
Clinical Ledger is a log of non financial transactions (a more detailed breakdown can be found below).

  • Show Financial Ledger: Unchecking Financial Ledger will hide charges, payments, adjustments, claims, and other financial ledger transactions from the patient's ledger. This is helpful for reviewing Clinical Ledger information.
  • Show All Transactions: This displays all financial ledger information. This is necessary for when anything listed under Show Only is selected.
  • Show Only - Items selected under this will be the only financial information that appears on the Ledger.
    • Open Charges: Displays only open charges, or charges that have not been paid in full.
    • Outstanding Claims: Displays only the claims that do not have a status of Paid/Closed.
    • Paid Charges: Displays charges with 0.00 remaining balance.
    • Related Transaction: Displays any information associated or linked to the selected Clinical Ledger item.
    • Unapplied Payments: Displays only unapplied payments or credits.
    • Today's Transactions: Displays all Financial Transactions that have been posted on the current day.
    • Account Statement: Displays an Account Statement line item. (Note: A user must also have the "Save a Statement Sent transaction on the Ledger" preference checked under Statement Preferences at the time the statement was printed.)
    • Archived Incidents: In the Account Ledger, a user can check this item to view transactions associated with archived incidents.
    • Payment Receipts: Displays a Payment Receipt line item. (Note: This is a new functionality in MacPractice 10.7.15+)
  • Show Clinical Ledger: If this is checked, the items below that are also checked will be displayed on the ledger. A user can uncheck this item to hide all clinical data from the ledger, without having to uncheck each type of record individually.
    • Allergies: Displays all the patient's allergies.
    • Appointments: Displays the patient's appointments. Double click the line item to be taken to that appointment in the Schedule ability.
    • Attachments: Displays a line item on the ledger called Image for each of the patient's attachment records; double clicking the line will take a user to the attachment in the Attachment ability.
    • Clinical Notes: Displays notes that are entered in the Restorative Charting view of MacPractice. Double clicking the line item will change the ledger to the Restorative Charting view, and highlight the relevant note.
    • DR/Images: Displays Digital Radiography or Imaging visits; double clicking the line will take a user to the images in the DR ability.
    • EHR/EDR/EMR: Displays a line item on the ledger showing an EHR/EDR/EMR form has been created for this patient; double clicking this line item allows a user to view the information in the EHR/EDR/EMR ability.
    • Lab Requisitions: Displays Laboratory orders. Double click the line item to go to that order record.
    • Notes: Displays a line item for the patient's note records. This will read Note Locked for locked notes, or New Note. Double clicking the line item will open a new window displaying the note's contents.
    • Optical Rx: Displays the patient's optical prescriptions, as entered in the Optical ability. Double clicking this line will take a user to the Optical ability and select the record.
    • Orders: Displays orders associated to the patient that are not set to the Laboratory order type. Double click the line item to go to that order record.
    • Problem List: Lists all diagnosis codes used in procedures or listed in the Clinical Ability/tab that are associated to the patient.
    • Rx: Printed prescriptions will display a Prescription line. Inactive medications will show an Inactive Med line item. Double click the record to go the Rx ability and select that record.
    • Vitals: Displays any vital measurements entered under the Clinical Ability/tab.
    • 3rd Party Procedure: Lists all Preventative Care procedures that you have been referred out to another office.
    • Referrals: Displays all referrers that are listed in the Patient Ability > Patient tab > Referral sub-tab.
    • Patient Alerts: Lists all Patient Alerts currently displayed in the Patient ability > Patient tab > Alerts sub-tab
    • Account Alerts: Lists all Account Alerts that have been added to the Patient ability > Account tab > Alerts sub-tab
    • Goals: Displays the patient's clinical goals and instructions that have been added to the Patient ability > Patient tab > Goals sub-tab or Clinical Ability/tab.
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