Bounced (NSF) Check

If patient check is returned for insufficient funds (NSF), follow these steps to record this in the MacPractice ledger:

  1. Go to the patient's ledger, select the payment in question, then go to the Other menu and select Reverse Payment. This will automatically unapply the patient payment, and remove the credit amount from the ledger. The payment itself will remain, however "***Returned Payment****" will be added to the Description column, and a new line item will be added to the ledger, indicating the date the payment was reversed.

  2. If you wish to charge a fee for the bounced check, highlight a procedure on the ledger and post a new Positive Adjustment. MacPractice would recommend setting the Adjustment Type field to something like "NSF Fee" or "Bounced Check Fee". For more information on adding new adjustment types to your database, please click here.

  3. You may wish to associate the positive adjustment to a 0.00 administrative charge, rather than an existing procedure. If you do not already have this code in your fee schedule, you will need to add it in the References ability. Information on adding a new code to your fee schedule can be found here.
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