Credit Transfer

Occasionally a payment may get applied to the wrong patient account or an unapplied payment may need to be applied to another account. When the payment is applied incorrectly on the same day the issue can be addressed by simply deleting the line entry on the ledger and reposting the payment in the correct account.

This document will explain how to move an existing payment from one account to another, using negative adjustments so your deposit slip will not be affected.

First, go to the account with the credit you wish to move, and create a Positive Adjustment for the payment in question. You may wish to enter something like Transfer Payment in the Adjustment Type field. Then, go to the account you wish to move the payment to, and create a Negative Adjustment. You may wish to enter Payment Transfer or something similar as the Adjustment Type.

If you wish, you can also add a comment to both patients' ledgers, to indicate why the payment was transferred.

If the payment simply needs to be transferred between patients on the same account, you will need to make sure the payment is unapplied. You can double-click an unapplied payment and apply it to other charges on the account.

Note: This method only applies to patient payments.

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