Ledger - Claims Tab

The Claims tabs will be slightly different, depending on your product (MacPractice MD, MacPractice DDS, MacPractice 20/20 or MacPractice DC) and preferences.

In MacPractice MD, by default you will see this Claims tab:


In MacPractice DDS, you will see this Claims tab:


In both MacPractice MD and MacPractice DDS, there is a preference you can enable to see both Claims views. Go to the MacPractice menu, select Preferences, then select Ledger in the sidebar. In the Ledger preference area, select the Incident tab. Check the box labeled "Display both CMS and ADA Claim view" to have access to both tabs. You must quit and restart MacPractice in order for this change to take effect. When you log back in, you will see both a CMS Claims and ADA Claims tab in the incident. However, MacPractice DDS does not include the Symptom Dates fields (the image below is from MacPractice MD).


MacPractice 20/20 and MacPractice DC only have access to the CMS Claims tab.

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