DR & Imaging - CAPTURE 1 - Create a Patient Visit

Creating a Patient Visit is the first step in the CAPTURE Workflow. 

  1. Create A Visit <---
  2. Add Visit Details
  3. Position the sensor
  4. Take the images
  5. Use any post-processing tools
  6. Review the Layout
  7. Export, Print, or View in full-screen

Visits can be created in One mode, where a patient is already selected, or in Many mode, where no patient is selected.

Under Many mode, select a patient by clicking the plus button to open the patient search window. Search for and select the desired patient. Click the OK button. The patient's name will appear under the Patients with Visits node in the sidebar and One mode will be activated. The resulting window will be the visit creation window, to which visit details are added.


Under One mode, the patient's name will display under the Patients with Visits node in the sidebar. Click the green plus button in the Visits table to create the new visit. The visit creation window will open, and you can enter details about the visit.


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