DR & Imaging - CAPTURE 2 - Add Visit Details

Adding Visit Details is the second step in the CAPTURE Workflow.

  1. Create A Visit
  2. Add Visit Details <---
  3. Position the sensor
  4. Take the images
  5. Use any post-processing tools
  6. Review the Layout
  7. Export, Print, or View in full-screen 

After creating the Visit, the visit details window will display. You can add visit details, including the Visit Names, Provider, Office, Incident, or Date. There is also an option to add any relevant Notes to the visit.

Layout must be selected.


  • Visit Name: Name the visit. This may be the reason for the visit, such as Bitewing, Panograph, X-ray, and so on.
  • Provider: Select the provider for this visit.
  • Office: Select the office.
  • Incident: Associate the visit to an incident on the patients ledger.
  • Layout: Select the layout (the view) in which to display the visit images.
  • Notes: Notate specific information about this visit.
  • Date: Change the date if today's date is not desired.
Add the visit details and click the Save button. The layout selected will display in the main window.
  • Click the plus button in the Visits table to add another visit. Click the minus button to delete the visit from the visit list.
  • In the Layout menu, an alternative layout can be selected.
  • In the Sensor menu, an integrated device (Suni and Planmeca only) can be selected.
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