DR & Imaging - CAPTURE 4 - Taking the Images

Taking the Images is the fourth step in the CAPTURE workflow.

  1. Create A Visit
  2. Add Visit Details
  3. Position the sensor
  4. Take the images <---
  5. Use any post-processing tools
  6. Review the Layout
  7. Export, Print, or View in full-screen

There are three main ways to take or add images to a visit: through an integrated device, import folder, or manually. Each of these methods will require that the device and any necessary drivers are installed per the manufacture's instructions.

  • Integrated devices such as Suni and Planmeca will automatically import images into MacPractice once the device has been properly configured.
  • Many devices can automatically import images to MacPractice through the use of an import folder. The device and MacPractice will need to be set to the same target folder.
  • Images can also be added to MacPractice manually by browsing for the image or by dragging directly to the layout.

Adding Images - Integrated Devices
Integrated Devices, such as Suni or Planmeca devices, will automatically import images into MacPractice once the device drivers have been installed and the device has been set within the Device tab of the Digital Radiography panel in Preferences.

To set the device, install the device drivers and select the device from the Device menu.


Depending on the device selected, the Preferences window may offer additional settings. For more information, please see the Digital Radiography Preferences section.

For more information on the use of Suni devices, including Suni driver installation instructions, please see the Suni Integration documentation.

Adding Images - Import Folder
Auto import folders can be used to automatically import images from a target folder. Set the target folder of the device as the auto-import folder in the General tab of the Digital Radiography node in MacPractice Preferences. Click the green plus button, select the target folder from the resulting window, and click the Open button. The path will be added to the list of Auto import folders and checked in the Enabled column.




When using an Auto import folder to add images to Digital Radiography, images will be deleted from the target folder as they are imported. The images will automatically import directly to a visit layout once a visit is selected in MacPractice.

Adding Images - Manually
Images can be manually added to Digital Radiography through Drag & Drop or through Browsing for the image.

There are two methods for Drag & Drop: Single, and Group.

Single Drag & Drop:

  • Select the image from the image folder.
  • Drag & Drop the image into the correct layout box. 

Group Drag & Drop:

  • Name the images as numbered in the layout Capture Order which they should be placed.
  • Select the images or image folder.
  • Drag & Drop the images or image folder into the gray image thumbnail area.
Browse for image:
Alternately, you can choose to browse for an image instead. To browse for an image, right-click on the correct box within the visit layout. Select Browse for Image... from the resulting menu. Browse to the image location and select the image. Click the Openbutton. This will add the image to the layout box.
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