DR & Imaging - CAPTURE 6 - Review The Layout

To continue CAPTURE, Review the Layout.

  1. Create A Visit
  2. Add Visit Details
  3. Position the sensor
  4. Take the images
  5. Use any post-processing tools
  6. Review the Layout <---
  7. Export, Print, or View in full-screen

While designing and editing Layouts may be part of the initial Digital Radiography configuration process, it is also possible that the Layout may require further adjustment or a different Layout may be desired for the unique visit.

To change the layout after the Visit has already been populated with images, select the alternative layout from the Layout menu underneath the image thumbnails.


To edit the original layout, within the Patients with Visits node layout, select Edit Layout from the Options Menu. The Layout will be opened within the Layouts node in the sidebar for editing.
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