DR & Imaging - Presets

Presets can be used to automate image editing by storing filter adjustment settings which can be applied as a group style to any other image. Presets can be applied as needed per image, to any specific box within a layout, to an entire layout, or as a default preset to apply to any image imported from the Digital Radiography sensor.

Creating Presets
Double click an image in a visit layout or thumbnail to access the Adjustment Palette. The upper right Presets box allows designed adjustments to be saved so that the same settings can be easily applied to any other image.

To create a new preset in the Adjustment Palette, click the green plus in the top right corner of the Presets box.


By default, it will have the name New from Current (if you create multiples, then you will see a numerical value associated after the word Current). You can name it whatever you would like and save the new Preset. The Preset can then be selected from the Preset menu to apply to any image.

If you have another preset highlighted when you click the green plus, the new preset will duplicate that preset, using the existing preset as a template.

If you've duplicated a preset but would like to revert back to the original image, just click the Reset Adjustments button at the bottom of the image editor window. This will revert the image back to its original state.


Once you make any changes, you can click Update and the changes will be saved in your new preset.

To apply a Preset to an image, select the Preset from the Presets menu and click the Apply button.

Presets can also be applied with the Options Menu.

Defaulting a Layout Preset
In the Layouts node, default Presets for a single or all layouts can be established. Right click on the layout box to access the option menu. Select Edit.

Within the edit window, select a default preset for the layout box from the existing presets. Click the Save button and the layout box will display the preset. To use other presets for each layout box, repeat the steps until all presets have been applied to each box.

To establish a default preset that will apply to all images added to layouts, select a default preset in the General tab of the Digital Radiography panel in
Once this is done, all incoming images from the device will automatically use that preset. Dragging images into the layout squares will also use the default preset. However, a layout preset will always override the default preset set in Preferences.
Dragging an image into the gray thumbnail area will not automatically apply any default presets.

Importing or Exporting Layouts and Presets
The Digital Radiography ability allows the export and import of presets and layouts. Both functions occur in the General tab of the Digital Radiography node in Preferences.

To export a layout or preset, click either the Export Layouts or Export Presets button. On the resulting Export window, set the attributes for the export:
  • Save As: Add a name for the file.
  • Where: Select the location where the exported information will be saved.
  • Layout: Select the layout(s) to export.
  • Export associated presets too: If checked, the customized presets that are associated with the layout will also be exported.

When the file is extracted out of MacPractice it will appear as a .plist file in the location selected in the Where menu.

To import a layout or preset, click either the Import Layouts or Import Presets button. On the resulting Import Window, select the .plist file from the location where the exported file has been placed. Once selected, click the Open button to import this layout or preset.


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