DR & Imaging - Acteon (SOPRO) Integration

MacPractice integrates with several SOPRO-branded products manufactured by Acteon, including:

This document will explain how to use each product with MacPractice.

SOPRO Capture
When using a Sopro Camera, captured video frames are sent to the import folder as set in the Snapshot menu item. Choose Snapshot Auto-Name Setup.
Check the Auto-name box then set the Destination Folder with the Choose button to the right of the field. Click the OK button to proceed with these settings.

Acteon Layouts
The layouts, presets, and filter settings may vary based on personal preference, desired outcome, and unique hardware. However, as a general suggestion for Acteon products, we recommend the following layouts, found in the Shared Layouts node of the Digital Radiography ability:
  • Mandibular Only
  • Maxillary Only
  • Sopro FMS 18
SOPIX2: Digital X-ray Sensor
Before using the SOPIX2 sensor, install SOPRO Imaging for Mac available from Acteon Support. Double-click the "Install SOPRO-Imaging.pkg" item, and follow the instructions in the installer.

When prompted, restart the computer as the installation completes. Restart the computer and the SOPRO folder will be available in the Applications folder. Within this folder are several SOPRO-related utilities and applications.
Open SOPIX2. A small window, called the Acquisition Applet, will display. Click a circle next to an Arrow on the acquisition applet to change the orientation of images. The image below, with the Up arrow selected, shows the selection for upper PA. Left and Right arrows will be used for bite wings. The Down arrow will be used for lower PA.

To continue configuring for use with MacPractice, click Setup.


A configuration window will open. In this window, set the "Images destination folder".

By default, this will be set to /Users/yourname/Documents/SOPIX2. Use this folder, or click the browse (...) button to the right of this field and select a different folder. Make a note of the selected folder, then click Close.

Please note that there is no Filter setting in this window as a default, however Acteon Support recommends that the SOPIX2 X1 filter is applied when using the sensors with MacPractice. Further assistance with the settings in this window is best addressed to Acteon Support.

In MacPractice, go to Preferences and select Digital Radiography. In the lower portion of the Digital Radiography preferences, click the small plus button to add the folder from SOPIX2 as a new Auto import folder.


In the window that opens, select the same folder selected in SOPIX2. In the example, the default /User/yourname/Documents/SOPRO folder is used. After selecting the folder, click Open. The folder path will be listed in the Auto-Import folder list. Ensure the Enabled checkbox is checked. If the folder is not enabled, the images will not import into MacPractice.


Once the folder is configured, SOPIX2 can be used within MacPractice.

To take an image: Make sure SOPIX2 is open. Go to the Digital Radiography ability in MacPractice, and set up a visit for your patient. Take an image with SOPIX2 and it will be saved to the selected folder, then imported into the selected visit in MacPractice.
Note: Sopro uses the same name for all images. This means taking a second image before the first one is imported will result in the first image being over-written and lost. It may be useful to keep the import folder open in Finder, and monitor the imports before taking another image with SOPIX2.

PSPIX: Phosphor Plate X-ray System
PSPIX is a Phosphor Plate system. Images can be exported from SOPRO-Imaging and placed in a MacPractice Auto-Import folder. Click here for more information on configuring and using auto-import folders with MacPractice Digital Radiography. Please contact Acteon Support with any questions about using the PSPIX system, or exporting images from SOPRO-Imaging.

Sopro 617 Camera
The configuration of the Sopro 617 camera with MacPractice depends upon which USB dock station is used in conjunction with the camera.

When the camera is used with Dock M_USB2, Acteon's multiple interface connection dock, images can be displayed and captured directly within MacPractice. For more information, see the Intra-oral camera documentation.

When used with USB only connection Dock USB2, software from Sopro, such as Sopro Capture, will be used to capture images. Images saved by the Sopro software can then be imported in MacPractice by configuring the Sopro application to save images to a MacPractice auto-import folder. To learn more about this configuration, please see the configuration guide for Sopix2.

SoproLife Camera
The configuration of the SoproLife camera with Macpractice will involve configuring the Sopro capture software to save images to your MacPractice auto-import folder. To learn more about this configuration, please see the configuration guide for Sopix2.
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