Code Mapping - EMR/EDR Care Slip Setup

Code Mapping is currently not available in the EMR/EDR ability. Instead of code mapping, the clinicians will need to use an updated ICD-10 care slip. The pages in this section will demonstrate the updating of existing care slips.

Updating Care Slip References
All care slips in use will need to be updated to the new ICD-10 code set. The current care slip is filled in with ICD-9 diagnosis codes. These codes will need to be replaced with the corresponding ICD-10 codes.

If the record is duplicated the procedure codes will not need to be re-entered. Any changes that are made will be in the copy of the care slip.

Navigate to the Diagnosis section of the care slip. Note that the "Update to Coding Preference" button should only be used if only one ICD-10 code is to be entered in place of the ICD-9 code.

If ICD-9 codes must be updated to multiple ICD-10 codes, select all of the ICD-9 diagnosis codes. Click the red minus to delete all of the old codes.

Entering ICD-10 codes will need to happen after hours or when no billing is being completed within MacPractice. The Billing Diagnosis preference will need to be changed to select ICD-10 codes.

Use the green plus to select the ICD-10 diagnosis codes that will be used in the EMR forms. Command + S will save the record once complete.

Once the care slip has been created, change the Billing Diagnosis back to ICD-9 to continue regular office work.

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