Code Mapping - Updating EMR/EDR Forms

Updating EMR/EDR Forms
All care slip templates in use will need to be updated to code in the new ICD-10 code set.

Now that the reference has been created the EMR templates will need to be updated. EMR Form Categories will create new folders to store the new templates. Labeling the new folders ICD-10 should be sufficient. Once all the necessary folders have been created, the templates can be duplicated and organized accordingly.
Select the first template with the Care Slip element. Use the edit menu to duplicate the record.
Rename the duplicate template to easily identify it as ICD-10. Use Command + S to save.
Simply drag the new template into the new ICD-10 folder to stay organized.
Navigate to the Care Slip section within the EMR template. Double click the Care Slip to show the section.
Use the Edit menu to duplicate the section. Rename the section for ICD-10 within the palette.
Select the Care Slip element in the section. Change the Care Slip reference to ICD-10 under the options tab.
Use Command + S to save the new section. Once saved double click on the section in the sidebar. All other sections should be hidden.
Navigate back to the Care Slip section inside the ICD-10 template. Drag the new ICD-10 section from the sidebar into the template.
Once the ICD-10 section has been added, select the ICD-9 section and press delete on the keyboard.

Press Command + S to save the changes to the template. 

Navigate to the next ICD-9 template. Use the edit menu to duplicate the template then rename with ICD-10 and sort into the correct folder.

Navigate to the Care Slip section within the new template. The ICD-10 section will be added to this new template by dragging from the sidebar. Select the old ICD-9 section and press delete on the keyboard.

All templates with a Care Slip section should be duplicated and organized into the correct folders. Once duplicated add the ICD-10 Care Slip section and remove the ICD-9 Care Slip.

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