Code Mapping - Mapping in New Claims Manager

Code Mapping in New Claims Manager
Code Mapping will be necessary when creating insurance claims in bulk. Code Mapping options have been added to the New Claims Manager to make this transition as effortless as possible.

A claim can be switched to use a different code system within the New Claims Manager. The New Claims Manager is used to create insurance claims in bulk. MacPractice will help map diagnosis codes from this manager.

The default Diagnosis Code System can be changed per claim.
Selecting the Map Diagnoses button will take the user back to the charge window to map the necessary codes.
Map the codes for billing, select Done, and then navigate back to the New Claims Manager.
Once the codes are mapped for billing, the user is able to check the Print box next to the claim.
Select Show Only Unmapped Claims to quickly hide all the claims that are ready to process. This will allow the user to quickly find the claims that need work.
Click Create Claims to create all the claims that have been marked Print. MacPractice will print out the paper claims and create the eClaims.


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