Schedule - Display and AutoRemind Status

The Schedule ability can be adjusted within the Appointment Display node to show the AutoRemind Statuses as unique colors. A color scheme will change appointment colors as the AutoRemind Manager syncs.


In the Schedule ability, click the Appointment Display node to access the Colors tab.

  • Area: Set the area of an appointment to display the AutoRemind Status in the Area box, labelled "Specify how each area is colored."
  • Colors: The Colors box displays the AutoRemind Statuses (Confirmed, No Reminder, Not Successful, Sent-No Confirmation Requested, or Sent-Pending Confirmation) along with the current corresponding colors. The Other item display the Apple color palette to select any color.
More information on adjusting the Appointment Display is available in the Schedule documentation.
AutoRemind settings can also be overridden through the Schedule's Resource columns by unchecking the Use for AutoRemind checkbox for a resource. With the box unchecked, appointments scheduled within the Resource column would not receive reminders. A video demonstrating this process is available on the AutoRemind Help Site. More information on Resources is available in the Schedule documentation.
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