Patient - AutoRemind Profile

In the Communication tab of the Patient ability, you can set an AutoRemind profile that governs what methods will be used to send AutoRemind notifications to a patient. This is set to "Preferences Default" for all  patients initially, but will contain all the Notification Profiles that have been added in the References Ability > AutoRemind Notification Profiles.

To set the Preferences Default Notification Profile, navigate to the MacPractice Menu > Preferences > AutoRemind, and select from the choices in the "Default Notification Profile" drop down.


The Notification Profiles look at the type of Destinator, and then uses the corresponding information in the Patient Ability > Patient Tab. If that information is lacking on the Patient Ability, no notification will be sent. For example, if a Notification Profile is configured to send a SMS (Text message) to the patient's Mobile Phone, a Mobile Phone number must be set in the Patient Ability/Patient Tab for that person to receive a SMS message.


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