AutoRemind - Use

As an appointment is created from the Schedule, you'll need to confirm that the patient has the AutoRemind checkbox enabled in the Appointment Detail window.


In order for AutoRemind to send notifications, a AutoRemind Notification Profile must be selected under the Patient tab within the Communication sub-tab. Whichever methods are used by the Notification Profile will also need to be filled out in the Patient Ability > Patient Tab. For example, if the Notification Profile is set to send an e-mail reminder and a text message to the patient's mobile phone, the E-mail Address field must be complete, and a Mobile Phone number must be entered for an E-mail or a text to be sent, respectively.


When the appointment is saved, the AutoRemind process is triggered as set in the AutoRemind Notification Type menu and will await confirmation or reply status. As long as the Phone number, Email address, or Text account information is entered for the patient, a reminder will be sent. If the AutoRemind Notification Type does not match the patient's contact information, no reminder will be 

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