Drawer - Lists Tab and Lists Window

Note on Lists: In 7.3 and earlier, Lists were located in the Drawer. 

In Builds 10 and up of MacPractice, Lists are now located in the Lists Window, due to changes in the macOS. You can access this Lists Window by navigating to the Window Menu and selecting Lists, as shown in the screenshot below. 

This article is correct regarding the functionality in 7.3 and earlier. The only difference in later builds is that the List Tab is instead accessible by the Lists Window.


The Lists tab displays lists created in the Reports ability and allows you to manually create lists. Lists are most often used to export specific sets of data or to create bulk notes, forms, or envelopes.


To manually create a list, click the plus button to create a new folder. Rename the folder and drag any list items from the MacPractice sidebar to the new list. List items might be patients from the Patient ability, Forms, Appointments, and so on.

Lists within the Lists tab display in three columns:

  • Name: The name of the list item, such as a patient name, form name, and so on.
  • Type: The type of the item within the list, such as patient, appointment, form, and so on.
  • Ability: The ability from which the list item was derived, such as Scheduling, Images (Attachments), Accounting (Ledger), and so on.
Lists within the Lists tab can be filtered with the User menu. Select Current User (default) to display only lists created by the logged in User, or all Users to display every list.
Lists can be exported with the Export button. Click the Export button and select the Presets and/or Format to apply to the resulting exported list. For more on using Lists with presets or exporting lists, see Lists/Exporting.
To print the list, click the print icon. Printing a list results in a three column document including the Name, Type, and Ability of each list item.
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