Drawer - Report Tab

While the Report tab lists vary by the selected ability, it generally lists a report of information associated to a specific record, such as a Reference, Appointment, Patient, and so on. For most records, the Report tab lists patients or user actions associated to the record and can be filtered by Patients or History (of User actions).

Drawer Report - Patients

The Report tab includes filters for date range at the bottom of the Drawer. Set the Start and End Date in the respective fields, then click the Apply button.
The Report list can be filtered by Patients or History when a patient is selected in the sidebar.
The Patients item in the filter menu results in a two column list:
  • Name: The name on the charge.
  • Charge: The total amount of the charges within the set date range.
The History filter displays user actions on the patient account in three columns:
  • Date: The date the action was committed.
  • Action: The name of the action committed, such as Update, Insert, and so on.
  • User: The username of the user who committed the action.
To create a list in the Lists tab, click the Make List button.

To print the filtered results, click the Print icon.
Drawer Report - Schedule
1. Within the Schedule ability, the Report tab can be filtered by All Appointments (Including Missed, Cancelled, and To Reschedule), Appointment Transactions, Appointment Treatment Plans, Appointments Cancelled, Deleted Appointments, Follow-up appointments, Recall appointments, Missed, and To Reschedule.

These filter options display results within the following columns:
  • Name: The name of the patient on the appointment.
  • Date: The date on which the appointment was/is scheduled.
  • Time(Mins): The appointment start time and the duration for which the appointment was/is scheduled in minutes.
  • Status: The status of the appointment, such as Confirmed, Unconfirmed, and so on.
  • Type: The appointment type of the repeating appointment.
  • Resource: The Resource in which the appointment is scheduled.
2. To send a list of the appointments, transactions, or treatment plans, click the Make List button.

3. To print the list, click the print icon.

Drawer Report - References
In the References ability, the Patients item will display any patients associated to a selected Reference such as Account Alerts, Patient Alerts, Allergies, and so on. The History item will display user actions within the Reference. For example, if the Reference is edited, the History list may include an Update Action.

For information on using Drawer Reports with References, see References Drawer Reports.

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