Inventory - Overview

Each of the Inventory ability's features, references, and interactions are documented in the Inventory Overview. Accompanying interactions may be available in additional abilities, such as References or the Ledger.



  • ItemsLists the Inventory Items and details
  • CategoriesLists the Inventory Categories
  • BrandsLists the Inventory Brands
  • VendorsLists the Inventory Vendors and contact details


  • Adjustment Sheet: Adjusts the quantity of an item
  • Reorder Alert: Displays when an item's current stock meets the threshold of the Reorder Level as set in the Inventory Items node.
  • Cost Matrix: Displays all items of a potential order and the possible vendors for each
  • Purchase OrdersThe lower half of Inventory Management view, which is used to create purchase orders, view purchase order lists, and view details about purchase orders
  • Fee SchedulesFee Schedule information specific to Inventory item interaction
  • PreferencesSets the Preferences for the Inventory ability
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