Inventory - Inventory Node

The Inventory node is a split view which contains the Purchase Orders interface and Inventory Management table. The upper Inventory Management table acts as the report by which items are found, while the Purchase Orders interface provides the ability to create orders of those items.

The Inventory Management table displays a report from which item quantities can be viewed in the context of reordering and replenishing supplies. The report can be filtered by multiple Categories, Brands, and Vendors. The Search field searches the Category, Brand, Item name, and description fields of all report results.

Set the following filters before clicking the Apply button to run the report:

  • Item Category: The Category of the item as set in the Items node
  • Item Brands: The Brand of the item as set in the Items node
  • Item Vendor: The Vendors of the item as set in the Items node
  • Items to be reordered: Sets items below the Reorder Level to the selected color. Check the Show Only box to only show these items.
  • __ above the reorder level: Sets items at a quantity of the defined percentage above or equal to the Reorder Level to the selected color. Check the Show Only box to only show these items.
  • Show Archived Items: Includes Archived Items within the report results
  • Count Consumed: Sets from what point the consumption began: Since Last Audit, Since Last Order, This Week, This Month, This Quarter, or This Year

The report results display in the following columns:
  • Category, Brand, Item, and Description: As set in the Items node
  • In Stock: The total number of this item in stock as set in the Adjustment Sheet accessible through the Adjust Qty. button in the Items node or the Adjust Qty. button for each item result in the report
  • On Order: The number of this item that is currently within an Order
  • Adjust Qty.: Presents the Adjustment Sheet from which item quantities can be adjusted
  • Reorder Level: The Reorder Level as set in the Items node
  • Average Cost: The average cost as calculated amongst vendors listed in the Items node
  • Consumed: The number of the Item consumed from the consumption point selected in the Count Consumed menu within the report filters
  • Last Audit Date: The most recent date on which the item was included within an audit
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