Inventory - Audits

The Audits node is used to create audits of categories of items so that physical stock may be compared with expected quantities. Within the Audits node, click the plus button to create a new Audit Sheet. Name the audit, then check the box next to any of the Categories to include within the audit before saving the audit record. Check the Show Item Images checkbox to display the images along with the contents of the audit.

A preview of the audit will display within the main MacPractice window with a Print Audit button underneath the categories. Once the audit is printed, the audit preview becomes an audit sheet to which actual In Stock quantities can be adjusted and additional comments can be added.

Click the Complete button to finish the audit and confirm that the quantities for the items should be updated in the database on the resulting window by clicking the Complete audit button. Reorder Alerts may be triggered as the audit is saved.

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