Menu Bar - MacPractice Menu

The MacPractice Menu, titled with the MacPractice product name, displays items that relate to MacPractice as an application.


The MacPractice Menu contains standard menu items, typically found in other Mac OS X applications, such as:

  • About: Opens the About MacPractice window.
  • Preferences: Opens the MacPractice Preferences.
  • Services: Opens a submenu of Services.
  • Hide: Hides all MacPractice windows currently open, and brings forward the most recent.
  • Hide Others: Hides all MacPractice windows, apart from the currently displayed window.
  • Show All: Displays all open MacPractice windows.
  • Quit: Quits MacPractice.
Some MacPractice Menu items are MacPractice specific, such as:

About MacPractice
The About MacPractice Window lists key information about the MacPractice installation including the version number, local IP address, serial number, and database name.

The About MacPractice window also lists the certificate SHA1 fingerprint, which can be used for Server Certificate Authorization.

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