Menu Bar - Help Menu

The Help menu displays items that about using MacPractice. The Help menu is the main location for finding information about new features, training, documentation, videos, ticket information, and so on.


The Help menu contains the following options.

Help Menu - MacPractice Help
The MacPractice Help item opens the MacPractice Help desk, which displays documentation, videos, training information.


Help Menu - Release Notes
The Release Notes item displays the Release Notes window, in which any new features, changes, or updates to the MacPRactice software are listed.
The Release Notes tab will describe new features and important changes to the most recent MacPractice version.
The Change Log tab will list specific changes and fixes to a series of MacPractice versions. These changes are organized by the related MacPractice ability.
This Release Notes window will appear at each login, unless the I've Read This checkbox has been checked.

Help Menu - View MacPractice Statement and Make Payments
The View MacPractice Statement and Make Payments item opens a prompt to log in and view or pay the MacPractice statement. To view or pay a statement, select View MacPractice Statement and Make Payments and log in with the username and password registered when initially downloading MacPractice. All statements with a balance will display.

To print the statement, click the Print Statement button. To make a payment, click the Pay Balance button and add a payment type. Complete the resulting form and click the Add button to add the payment to the statement. This username will remained logged in until logging out of MacPractice.
Questions on any of the statements listed, can be directed to the MacPractice Accounting Department at (402) 420-2430 or toll free at (877) 220-8418.
Help Menu - Show Ticket Window
The Show Ticket Window item opens the Tickets window to view the support ticket history.
  • Open: displays open tickets.
  • Close: displays closed tickets.
  • Refresh: refreshes the Tickets window.
Within the Ticket table, the following columns are displayed:
  • Ticket: displays the ticket number.
  • Short Description: a brief comment on the issue.
  • Department: The MacPractice department working on the issue.
  • Status: displays whether the ticket is Open or Closed.
  • Contact Name: displays the office staff contact name.

Select any ticket from the Ticket table to display more information about the ticket at the bottom of the Ticket window. The following information will be displayed:
  • Ticket: displays the ticket number.
  • Short Description: a brief comment on the issue.
  • Long Description: displays the information added to bubble when creating the ticket.
  • Notes: Any notes added by MacPractice Support Staff.
  • Limit To Last ___ Tickets: sets a limit for the amount of tickets to display.
  • Close Ticket: Closes the ticket. If the ticket is closed, MacPractice Support will not contact the office.

Help Menu - Re-Order Forms
The Re-Order Forms item opens the Re-Order Forms dialogue. MacPractice's partner, National Document Solutions (NDS), offers a range of pre-printed Forms, Statements, and paper products online at the MacPractice Printed Forms website.

Help Menu - Connect To Public
The Connect To Public item is used by MacPractice Support to transfer information, customized forms, templates, eClaim set-up information, and so on. This item will generally only be used under the assistance of MacPractice Support.

Help Menu - Share Screen
The Share Screen item opens the MacPractice QuickSupport window. MacPractice QuickSupport is a tool used by MacPractice Support to share your MacPractice screen and assist with troubleshooting. When the Share Screen option is selected, the MacPractice QuickSupport interface will launch.

Provide the MacPractice Support representative with the 9 digit ID number and 4 digit Password number. The MacPractice Support representative will be able to see and interact with your computer remotely until the TeamViewer connection is terminated.


Help Menu - Download TeamViewer
The Download TeamViewer option launches the MacPractice TeamViewer website within your browser. 

Select Download TeamViewer to launch Click Get the Mac Version or Get the PC Version from the resulting page to download the TeamViewer application. Once the TeamViewer download is completed, click the download to launch the application.

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