Networking - MacPractice Network

The MacPractice Network is the relationship between the MacPractice Server and MacPractice Terminal machines. Within any MacPractice Network, the Server creates and hosts the database. Terminal machines, including client terminals, kiosk machines, and devices such as iPads or iPhone, rely on a connection to the MacPractice server to log in to MacPractice and retrieve the database. This connection is achieved with Database Connection Settings, including the Server's IP address, and Passcode Pairing of the Terminal to the Server.

The MacPractice Network Guide explains the MacPractice Network with the following sections:

  • Server: The MacPractice Server creates and hosts the database, which is shared with any MacPractice Terminal through the Database Connection Settings.
  • Server Specific Functions: Some MacPractice features are available only on the Server machine, such as certain functions of the Managers ability and specific Preference options.
  • Clients: The MacPractice Clients connect to the MacPractice Server using the Client Database Connection Settings and Passcode Pairing.
  • Failed to Connect to Host Guide: This guide demonstrates steps to resolve a Failed to Connect to Host error.
  • Log In Error Guide: This guide lists potential Log In Errors and accompanying solutions.
  • MacPractice Network Troubleshooting Guide: A guide for troubleshooting your MacPractice Network.
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