Networking - Failed to Connect to Host

The Failed to Connect to Host Troubleshooting Guide lists the most common causes of difficulties connecting a MacPractice Client to a MacPractice Server. The specific error message that MacPractice presents can often lead to additional information. If MacPractice presents the alert "Failed To Connect To Host: MySQL Error", follow the tips below to connect to the MacPractice Server from the MacPractice Client.

Error seen on Client

  • First, you'll want to verify that you are connecting to the correct IP address. On the Server computer, navigate to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Network. Compare the IP to what is listed in the Connection Drawer on the Client. If there is a mismatch, enter the appropriate IP and try again.
  • If you are receiving this message after logging in or during your work within MacPractice, the usual cause of this issue lies in an intermittent network connection between the Client and the Server. One of the best tools you can use is the Network Utility tool, accessed by utilizing the Spotlight Search (clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of your desktop) and typing in 'Network Utility' in this prompt.
    • Once you have Network Utility open, select the 'Ping' tab, and in the open field, type in the IP address of the Server computer, and click the 'Ping' button.
    • This will send a packet of information from this computer to the IP address listed, and measure how long it takes to receive a 'ping' back.
    • On an Ethernet (Wired) connection, we expect to see between .5 to 1 ms. On a Wireless (WiFi) connection, we typically expect between 2 to 4 ms. Any results larger than this indicates that the connection may not be as stable as desired, which can cause intermittent connectivity with MacPractice. This can result in slowness when accessing records and portions of the software, as well as the "Failed to Connect to Host" error.
    • If this is the case, you will need to work with an IT or a Network Specialist to assist in isolating the cause of the intermittent connection, which unfortunately MacPractice Support cannot assist with.
  • If this error continues and your ping times appear to be solid, we highly recommend contacting MacPractice Support at (877) 220-8418 to assist with this matter.

Error seen on Server

  • If you witness this error on the server computer, this indicates that there may be MySQL issues. First, you should try to quit MacPractice and re-launch MacPractice. If this fails, your next step is to restart the server computer by navigating to the Apple menu > Restart.
  • If the error persists, this will likely require MacPractice Support to investigate and determine the cause. 
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