Networking - Confirm the MacPractice Server IP Address

This article describes how to identify the MacPractice Server's IP address, for the purposes of connecting a MacPractice Client to the Server.

If automatic IP addressing or DHCP is used on the MacPractice Server, the server IP address may change. This can occur if the router is reset, the Operating System is updated, during a power outage, and so on. To resolve this situation, you'll need to identify the new IP address for the Server Computer. 
NOTE: A static IP can be used to prevent the Server IP address from changing. Please see Static IP for more information.

The MacPractice Server IP address can be located on the MacPractice Server within the MacPractice menu under About MacPractice



The IP address can also be obtained from the server computer in the Apple menu under System Preferences. Select Networking and find the IP address field in the resulting window.


On the MacPractice Terminal computer, open the Database Configuration Drawer and click the Lock icon. Confirm the Server IP Address field matches the MacPractice server IP address.

If the numbers do not match, enter the computer Administrator Name and Password to unlock the drawer and add the correct Server IP address. Confirm that the Database Name is correct, and click the  icon.


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