References - Patient Portal User

The Patient Portal User Reference Node allows you to create Patient Portal Users that can then be assigned to particular patients. This allows the Portal User to access the patient's information via the Patient Portal.

A Portal User can access one or multiple patients. This is helpful when a parent has multiple dependents. The Patient Portal User will log in to the Patient Portal using the Username and password assigned in References > Patient Portal User.

Creating a new Portal User

To create a new Patient Portal User, select the Patient Portal User node in References and click the plus button. Add the Username, First Name, and Last Name. Though not required, a Sex, Phone, and Email can also be added to the Patient Portal User record.


When the record is saved, the Patient Access password sheet will appear to add the password which will be used by the Patient Portal User to log in to the Patient Portal. Add any password desired, or click the Generate and Print password to have a password automatically created and then printed.


To add patients for whom the User can access clinical information, click the plus button on the Patient this account can access table. Search for and select a patient from the list to grant the User access to the patient's record through the Patient Portal.


In MacPractice Build 12.21, we have introduced the ability for patients to pay their bill online via Online Patient Payments. To add Accounts this Portal User can access to make payments on, simply click the Green Plus on the upper right of the "Accounts this Portal User can access" table at the bottom of the Portal User window.



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