Rx - Create a Prescription

Each prescription record is associated with a patient in the database. To create a new prescription, select a patient using the patient selector, select the Active Med List node in the sidebar, and click the green plus button above the sidebar.

Use the Medication field to search by either the brand or generic name.

At a minimum, the following information is required for a printable prescription:

  • Medication: will pull from the database defined in Preferences > Coding > Medications
  • Route: typically correctly defaults based on the selected medication, but can be changed
  • Incident: defaults to the patient's most recent Incident
  • Provider: defaults to the provider set in the Patients ability > Patient tab
  • Office: defaults to the office set in the Patients ability > Patient tab
  • Form: defaults to the paper form set in Preferences > Forms > RX Form

Additional information about prescriptions fields can be found in the Prescription Fields documentation.

If the prescription is intended to be a record of a patient's current medication, and not a new prescription, only the Medication and Route are required. For more information, see Entering a Medication From a Different Provider.

The selected medication will be added to the patient's prescription form. Adjust the other information as needed. When finished, save the changes by selecting Edit > Save Record or using the Command-S keyboard shortcut. Once saved, the patient's name will show in the sidebar under the Prescriptions node. A Created label will appear at the bottom to indicate which MacPractice user created this prescription.

Prescription information can be edited after saving. To print the prescription, click the Print button in the bottom right corner. Once the prescription has been printed most of the fields will lock and prevent any changes to the data. It is strongly recommended that you confirm all the prescription information before choosing to print.

Additional information on printing and managing prescriptions can be found in the documentation for Reprinting or Renewing a Prescription and managing the Print Queue.

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